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ООО Смарт Саппорт 

Smart Support is a company engaged in remote support and provides assistance to PC/MAC users worldwide.

We value the high quality of the service we provide for our customers as well as career opportunities for our employees.

Smart Support is a fast growing company in Lviv, Ukraine, that already counts 300 employees and keeps such pace.


There is an equal amount of female and male workers. The team is very young and value driven. What is more, you will find people of different background at Smart Support.


We welcome a clear salary system, exclude shadow business and partake in social initiatives.

There are various activities that our staff can be engaged in: free training and English lessons, sport activities, corporate events and events in the city, and many more. After several months of work at our company the employees have an opportunity to go through Microsoft and Apple certification process and to obtain a recommendation that proves the gained proficiency.

Should you have any questions feel free to email us at job@smart-support.org.